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Friday, June 1, 2012

Samuel F. Campbell

I'm looking for lips sweeter than wine! Emerging Freelance Artist Audio & Visual

Address 3549 Mynders #14 Memphis Tn 38111

During the last Spring Break Memphis I snuck on to the school campus and

studied my Dramatic Musical Instrumental interpretation Practiced from 5am

till 8:00 Pm On a choice of nine different Upright Pianos and six different

Grand Pianos with only one other player there for most of the whole day, I

propped My Yamaha Acoustic Guitar against the front of the keyboards and

switched back and forth till I was punch drunk.

That evening I went out to an open mike night and relaxed, by invitation

to this beautiful lady pianist as she played for this talented ebony male

opera singer. His performing German and Italian operas of the top of his

mind helped me to relax.

My newly acquired sheet music: of over Ninety Romantic Ballads:

*Mariah Carey - " I’ll Be There"

*Jim Croche - " I'll just have to say I love you in a song" " - AMaj

1 -29 -2008 *the Very Thought Of You - GMaj by Nat King Cole

1-12-08 Practiced fifteen minuets Grand Piano Jazz Styled Saturday 1-13-2008 before the Grace Saint Luke’s Highland Ave. Church

Community Evening Prayer & Meal.

3-13-08 Preformed and Practiced Grace Saint Luke’s Church Highland Blvd.

Wednesday Morning Gentlemen Breakfast *Let There Be Love - by Nat King


********* Practiced My Dramatic Musicals Instrumental Interpretations

(900am - 4:00pm) Galloway Church

" Nature Boy" " Route Sixty Six" " Rambling Rose" " Let There Be Love" by:

Nat King Cole

" I'll Be There" wrote by: Mariah Carey

" I’ll Make Love To You" “Yesterday” by: Boyzz II Men

" I’ll Write a Song of Love”, " Loves Holiday" by my memory of

“Sunday Morning" Earth Wind & Fire"

" When Can I See You Again" by: Baby Face " I Can't Stop Loving you" by: Ray Charles

" Smileing Faces" by The Undisputed Truth

I just got started working with this soft ware music writing program

"Finale". It is hard going and slow and touchey but it get it on the

screen .

I've just finished inputting the B.B. Kings " Rock Me Baby @ 1969 Modern

Music Publishing Co. Inc. & Sounds Of Lucillie,

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