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Monday, June 14, 2010

An Emerging Freelance Artis Mr. Samuel F. Campbell's Picasa

Helped this pretty lady move her life's possessions and furniture from German Town's four bed room apartment, to a house hear in Memphis. We were locked out of her car where; I left my charger while I moved furniture in to a pickup truck. Now I have no private online access temporally. Until I replace my IPhone charger. This gives me a splitting headache. I already miss her pretty smiling face her tempting full lips and ample figure sensual voice. the way her bare feet toes point to the ground as she sit swinging her legs. The way her blouse barley covers her full then tide like a short halter. The way she wears bubble gum lip gloss a shirt like a short dress her hips legs to painted toes bare and tempting. It's been a few days and she wasn't seeing me actually but Damn! I already miss her Seeing her laying in front and her full breast swaying in front of me. Clearly for my eyes to see.

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